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This is what would be coming to the mind of all the women that reach their early 20's, although it may remain entangled or unanswered even in the 50's for quite a few women out there. Is a high paying job going man the right one or the man from business family.

Should I be looking for a guy with a large family or man who has a small nuclear family. What about the tough guy vs the gentleman debate that goes on among women? Have I opened the Pandora's box now for the women? It should not be that difficult if you know what you want and then work towards making it happen. Remember there will be times when you will be regretting the decisions (after marriage), but in the end the fun comes to those who are ready to wait for it in life.

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Just like the word says, this is personal, so links directly with the nature of the man. It could be something that may affect the way the marriage goes in the long run as well. There are men who are sober and gentle while there are men that are aggresive and have temper. The best way is to learn to handle that man that you are looking to marry.

Dating can give a great perspective into the way things may unfold after the marriage and the way to interact to keep it heading in the positive direction.

Again this is not about the sort of man that is better in general to be a life partner, but how will be adapting in the relationship after marriage and will you feel that you have taken the right decision say 5 years into the marriage.

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This is surely one of the primary criteria that women place at the top while looking for man to marry. The women that are looking for stability both in terms of life pattern along with the finances should go for the professional man with job for marriage as the career flow is safe.

On the other hand, the businessman is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs no matter what the business is and how settled it may be. The demand for growth is always in the air and with that comes instability and risks. So if you are looking for 9 to 5 time pattern and cup of tea thereafter then you will be soon jolted out of your slumber.

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There are quite a few women that prefer a big family as compared to nuclear one when looking to find husband. Perhaps it gives space in the long run where both have different people within the family to complain and crib about (most marriages have a large section devoted to exactly this part), rather than concentrating on the infighting.

It is a double edged sword, as family will manipulate the emotions as hard as your partner and how the woman manages the man will be the difference between peace and prosperity to dismay and disaster.

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