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Naughty chat is more than just entertainment, it is the way to feel satisfied in the safest way possible, where your mind does all the naughty work, the touch is of yourself that makes you feel comfortable, as you only reach the places that gives you the best excitement, your thoughts can run in all directions, no boundation of keeping your mind from drifting due to being loyal in a relationship, and you can repeat this all over again the next time you try it, I would like to warn you before you get into this that this activity can me mildly intoxicating and slightly addictive due to intense pleasure that you receive.


If you are single right now, living in an apartment, thinking of a relationship but not able to move ahead, then there is no reason why you should not indulge in this act of self satisfaction where you have the option to convert your thoughts into words and then imagine the acts of a total stranger that you find attractive while browsing especially to get you hooked on it rather than being stuck in the monotony of watching television or posting and reading on network sites.

This is a sort of thing that you don’t need to be worried about, that does not make you feel bad in your conscience. You are being naughty indulging in meaningless chat but that does not make a bad person, every human being has the right to feel gratified, while the current society does not allow open naughty behavior but chatting like that with a person sitting in London while you are in your bedroom in New York, and all this without spending any money, is alright.

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