Credit Card & Dating

Credit cards are essential part of the lives of all the working men and women, at times the monthly expenses revolve around their usage, so how comfortable would you feel in sharing the details with an adult dating site.


It is a known fact that some of these sites are actually run behind the scenes with not much known in public domain and at times the business practices that they employ are not upto the standard. Considering these facts, it is best to go for free sites without credit card requirement, it takes away quite a big load off the chest so now that you no longer have to worry about your card being charged with any unwanted amount, or worse still it’s information being leaked through the adult site somehow, and this is a scenario that is quite possible.


I would bring an important anecdote in explaining to you the reason why it is better to go for adult dating site without cc requirement. This is a real life experience where a site tried to charge advance renewal of membership through automatic means, without mentioning this fact to me clearly when I had made payment for their membership through my credit card. Now I was lucky that my bank blocked that transaction and then I changed that setting. It is this sort of practice that brings a not so good name to online adult dating, but it is best for both the members and the sites to keep the cc away so that people can find a better use for them.


It is a fact that life gives you second chances, but it may not be that big hearted to give third or fourth chances. There are websites ready to provide genuine service to bring people together, join them and learn the tricks of the adult dating trade through them. Any site that you come across either through reference from a person or place has to be doing something good especially when it is ready to provide usage for free.

Just like the places that are synonyms of adult dating in real life, it requires skill to make way through maze of lanes, and in the journey it would be best to keep a hand on your pocket always.

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