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While watching this show about three bachelors, working in offices earning pretty good dough all around, spending dollars for everything that comes along their way, realized that this does not mean that they are getting any serious dates with all the money in their pockets.

When I explain the things that they have been trying out then you will better understand what I am trying to say, and this is my argument in favour of using dating sites more than places like pubs, using the effective power of internet to lead more happy lives in our current corporate driven lives.


These three guys, one of them thin, neat and clean, tall with a handsome paying job, other one slightly heavy with roundish built, well dressed, and another disabled friend of theirs happen to drive to a club in a fancy car, where they hit upon a group of few girls, get talking, and then offer drinks, just when they think that they are about to score, the women call out to a group and tell them that this fellow is paying for everyone’s drink, so he ends up taking the order of around 15-20 women and some even men, while this group does not even offer a seat besides them. Now this could just be a show, but then a lot of bar, club dates do go like this.


Now imagine setting up a date with a woman who does not drink after checking out their profile, this surely will prevent the situation that the guy in the story above found himself in, and finding someone online without having to spend money to contact them is another bonus.


The night ends for these fellows with two of them going empty handed with a long night awaiting for them with only themselves there to help them out, surely if they try their luck out on a dating website, then their average looks combined with a great job and money to go along with them would fetch them a lot of interests among the women folk.

To be happy, office guys and for that matter the hard women office going women require a date every weekend or two to keep things in good shape and dating websites help out in this direction.

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