Is Chatting Essential

I have thought about reasons for people looking for chat dating sites, rather than the pure versions of both and have come to the conclusion that the chat part provides the fastest way of sending a message, while dating means that there are good chances that person on the other side is someone real especially if there is a proper profile photo. So while in pure chat site you shall find that with so many new ones coming up and everyone wanting to say that it is the best, many sites these days are a little questionable as the conversation many times seems to go nowhere, the responses never seem to come soon enough.


On the other hand pure dating website has its drawback of being sort of orthodox in its approach, without the added spice of chat the whole package does not seem that appealing. This is precisely the reason that dating site with chat are carving out a dedicated following for itself on the web and in fact even any sort of networking cannot seem to take off without chat involved within the site.


Men and women who are looking for serious single people prefer to hang on dating sites, and with chat available as an incentive that provides the short term entertainment and the hope of catching someone online from your own city, these sites are in demand.


I have even seen people complain if a dating site does not have the instant chat feature available, they feel that this makes it incomplete in some way. There was a time when there was demarcation in the territory of chat and other type of sites, messaging was the choice of communication in those days, these days things have changed, chat is now found on websites that belong to different domains and fields altogether. It has become a way to provide direct support or help, quick answers and so on.

This is precisely the reason that singles now prefer dating sites that are free, and have chat available.

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