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Online Cam Model Job for College Women

Finding work from home jobs as a college girl can be a challenge. MeetOutside video chat app provides part time money earning chat job opportunity to college and university girls. Register as a cam model for free and start.

As a day time college going girl, if you have a few spare hours then just get online, find men looking for webcam chat session on MeetOutside. Earn by video chatting with guys.

Pay for Your College Expenses By Cam Modelling

Men that accept your cam chat session interest, will message you or you can message guys. Come online at the mutually decided time and video call the client.

For each 10 minutes video call session women can earn upto $1 to $2 USD. That means for 1 hour you can earn upto $10 USD. Rates can vary but not below $1 for 10 minutes.

Two hour cam model video chat work every week for 6 days on MeetOutside can get you upto $120.

Monthly income for a part time Cam Model on MeetOutside can range from $500 to $1000 easily. (*Commission work, so earning is variable).

Cam Modelling Chat Can Be On Any Subject

Simple Video Conversation.
Bikini Modelling.
Topic based discussion about life, lifestyle, tourism.
Online Friendship with rich men.
Any mutually discussed arrangement between Cam Model and member.

College Girls Can Earn Decent Income

Your earnings are tracked using technologically sophisticated but Cam Model friendly Earnings Dashboard. Each video call is timed accurate to seconds. Reports are available to track your clients and calls, every day of the month.

College going and University girls and women in USA, UK, Australia, Canada to Europe, Philippines, India, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, Mexico can use this webcam modelling chat app. English speaking is required.

There is no registration fee, usage payment or card information required from the budding Webcam Model women on this platform.

Women can make use of our money making cam modelling app to earn to pay for expenses in College and University.

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i Steady Work Be your own boss
i Video Session $1 per 10 min
i Flexible Job Few hours everyday
i University Women Can also join
i Career Opportunity No investment
i No boundation On work style
i No investment Just smartphone required
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