Gay Lesbian Movement Gets Boost In Nepal
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The latest news in the world of lesbian gay movement is coming from an unexpected country of Nepal, the erstwhile Hindu kingdom, and the unofficial spiritual capital of the world. The members of the LGBT community assembled in large numbers from all parts of the world to ask for equal rights. To hear this movement having reached the highest mountain in the world speaks volume about the effort that is being put but the lesbian women and gay men into making the society change their point of view. MeetOutside decided at the very beginning of its creation, that to promote equal rights of gays and lesbians, there will be free dating and chat for gays for them just like straight men and women. Worldwide countries have to move towards giving equal rights of marriage and relationship to the gay community to prevent discrimination.


It will take a lot more effort, a lot more education and perhaps another few generations for the world in general to accept two men holding hands and hugging somewhere in the neighbourhood road and lesbian women perhaps kissing in a park. Such scenarios are absolutely normal when it comes to the straight couples, while even today to imagine these scenes may make one either frown or think that this is such a taboo. Only this is what the LGBT parades, assemblies, meetings aim to achieve, obviously the rights go much beyond such visual liberties.

The thing about this particular gay parade is that it has reached one of the most populous regions of the world as Nepal has India on one side of the Himalayas and China on the other side, and both have huge populations that are progressive in nature and can shape the thinking of the world in general in the near future as both these countries are developing at a rapid rate. So for the LGBT community to find a foothold in this region will be quite good.


Recently an Indian Bollywood director came out of the closet, this should be a great boost for the LGBT community at least in South Asia, and world over members can take inspiration from such stories.

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