Categories of Men Available Online & Weightage Given By Women
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With everything from long lasting marriage, dating to find love, relationships on offer, women have every reason to get online to meet single men these days. This gives a lot of power to women, especially when men are all the time drooling to catch the eye of a female online. Women have there subtle ways to attract the men they want to, but more often than not it all depends on the women, like what sort of men they are looking for. Now I would broadly divide the available men online into 3 to 4 categories with all of them in quite a bit of demand with the ladies online. One has to keep in mind that women take to the internet for their own requirement and those can be varied ranging from traditional dating and relationships to finding a funny man (rather in demand as I will explain later) along with the evergreen rich guy.

Coming straight to the point, so broadly the categories of men that women have a liking for online can be clubbed into are - rich men, handsome men with great body, funny men who can tickle the female with humour, and yes don't be surpised when you hear that women do like the sensitive guy with a finesse in online charm through web of words while chatting. For women if they are reading this right now, I would like to quickly add that all these categories of men are available for dating on MeetOutside, that is a free site to search for exactly the sort of guy that you want.

Let us now discuss one by one all the above categories of men, this should be beneficial for both single men and women in their understanding of how the art of online attraction between men and women works in terms of personality of the man.


There is no doubting the fact the women love money and almost every guy that brings the money to her is rated as No. 1 the world over by women. There is no other category of men that can overtake this one, in being in favour by women at any point of time. Obviously I am only talking about the 99% of the females out there while I make this generalization, if people disgree with me here, they can stretch there remaining 1% as high as they want to, no issues with that :).

Men surely have a pointer now, about what they need to do when they make their profile on a dating website like MeetOutside, flaunt your big car, the bungalow and the accessories when you upload your photos. But make sure that you weigh the words and intentions of the female you come in contact with online, best to be safe.


Great body lasts forever perhaps even more than money, so women give appropriate weightage to this. Men know this and so flaunt their pecks, cuts and size all the time especially online as the photo album page in the websites is like a canvas where the best poses can be displayed.

I heard from a trainer once the phrase, "If you have it then flaunt it", perfect for men who work hard on their physique, make use of them in your online profiles as this has the next best demand out there.


Sense of humour is attractive for sure, women can go crazy giggling when they chat with a funny man both in real life and so in online. This is sort of an art that men need to work upon all the time, coming up with new jokes to keep the flow going when they hit the right note with a female online. Women feel that if they can make a great lover out of a funny man then there is no other combination in the world that can beat this.

So funny guys out there now know that all they need is add something extra in their personality, like perhaps workout a bit more to make a complete package for the females who have a soft corner for the guys who can make them laugh even when they are down with some blues.


All females have something deep down inside that wants to open up the hidden layers of a sensitive man, so such men can score higher than say the straight to the point ones, perhaps taking things slowly gives women a chance to be in control, but this is only a guess, after all who has ever been able to know what exactly goes on in the head of a woman, right?

Women say to men that they will never be able to figure them out, and men say who in the world wants to...

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